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Itzhak Holtz



Itzhak Holtz's passion for art began early. When he was five years old, in Poland, his father first drew a picture of a horse and sled in the snow for him. The young Holtz looked at the drawing and studied it in wonderment. From that moment on, Holtz remembers, he constantly begged his father to draw for him. His enthusiasm for art grew and know no bounds.


Holtz longed to study art. In his early twenties, he enrolled in the prestigious Bezalel Art Academy in Jerusalem. Bezalel was at that time, more of a commercial art school, but lettering, paste-ups, layouts, and other such skills did not hold Holtz's interest; he wanted to paint.


In 1950 Holtz immigrated to the U.S.A in order to study at The Art Student's League in New York City. Holtz continued his studies at the National Academy of Design, also in New York City, under Robert Philip who later became his close friend.


Whenever Holtz had time to himself, he walked around the street of New York to sketch and paint landscapes and street scenes. He refined his skills wherever he went. He spent many hours at art shows and museums. The Old Masters, Rembrandt, and Brueghel were his favorites. He also admired Rubens, Velasquez, Manet, Monet, to name a few.

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