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Your Arts Desire, L.L.C. founded by Avi Polinsky, is a premier full-service art company. It’s primary focus is to beautify your life with stunning art for your home or office; nursing facility or assisted living; hotel or restaurant; and beyond. It is a product of over two decades catering to the unique tastes of art connoisseurs and collectors around the world.


In 1990, based in Maryland, Avi Polinsky took the position of Regional Sales Manager of GP Limited Editions' Ltd. In this capacity, Mr. Polinsky was in a position to promote the works of several artists via shops, galleries, and art shows throughout the southeast states.


In 1993, Mr. Polinsky took the helm as Director of Marketing and Sales in the New York office, influencing art lovers around the world. He then went on to form Your Arts Desire, L.L.C.

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Art is a very unique purchase. With art, beauty is "truly" in the eyes of the beholder. We learned this lesson long ago. This is the reason why we are so hands-on. Our programs for both residential and commercial offer wide varieties of art for our clients to choose from which allows them to focus on what they like and which simplifies the decision process for them.


Our vast resources of artists for commission work as well as, countless reproductions, allow us to merely assist you in finding what you want; and the best part of it is that we make the process enjoyable and fun for all involved.


Don't hesitate to call us! We will help you put on those finishing touches. It will really make a difference.


Your Art's Desire, L.L.C. (800) 289-0844

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