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Eliezer Reiner



The work of a gifted hand, an artist's masterpiece, is still impossible to imitate by computer. The old-fashioned, laborious work of feather and quill, producing unique, delicately gilded lettering and artwork, has survived through the generations. Judaism is eternal, steeped in an age-old tradition. We seek to emulate and connect with our past through Jewish art. Nowadays, there are only a handful of artists who have mastered the rare art of Illuminated Judaica Manuscripts.


Eliezer Reiner, European born and raised, is a Sofer Stam (scribe) and gifted artist who mastered his art techniques in France. His work is widely acclaimed as being similar in design and quality to historic Illuminated Judaica Manuscripts. Using a hand-dipped quill and only the finest quality parchments, Mr. Reiner spends laborious hours working on a single assignment creating masterpieces that are treasured and passed on from father to son.


Most of Mr. Reiner's work is available by commission only. Call us to set up a personal appointment with the artist.

CONTACT US for pricing and additional information.

many more originals available  that are not shown 

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