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Dyani, (Annie BENDAYAN) a painter and an art teacher, was born in 1955 and lived with her family in France. In 1975 she immigrated to Israel in 


order to study the sciences at Hebrew University. She also studied architecture . 


Annie's passion for art began early, but she reserved twenty years of her life for 


her family which included raising seven children and twenty one grandchildren.


During those years, however, Annie retained a constant relationship with art by working as an art teacher in Israel.


Her love of art and painting started at a young age where she explored 


different ways of expressing her creativity. Her artistic diversity and ability 


to work with various media and styles has proven to be a great asset to her 


creative career. Although she enjoyed architecture and design, she constantly longed for new 


challenges and creative freedom. So in 2000 she ventured on her own 


and made a career of what had, until then, been limited to merely a passionate 




Initially she chose to paint in a classic impressionist style. However, even in this classic style her use of vibrant colors is what often strikes people at first. The colors


she uses are carefully chosen, exuding a strong presence, as well as, adding a symbolic aspect to her 


work. The passionate reds, pure range of blues and warm yellows 


are seared into the viewer’s memory, leaving them emotionally charged. The viewer will 


lose themselves in the warmth and comfort of a familiar place. The paintings 


convincingly depict the naive impressions and memories left in the 


mind, perhaps years after visiting a specific locale. Her unique style and execution bring to 


mind images of great frescoes on old crumbling walls. The unusual use of 


mixed media and subject matter, are a perfect marriage.


Her unique paintings are bold, vibrant and dramatic. Compelling 


compositions and beautiful light are incorporated into each painting or perhaps a 


breathtaking still life. Her works are absolutely stunning.  


As her passion grew, Annie began to dedicate more and more time to her love.


“…Painting is communication, and the viewer has to understand what is being 




says DYANI, explaining her philosophy of art.


“…It should reflect G-d's beauty and creation".



Gradually, Dyani gave in to the influences of 


fauvism and cubism. Her desire for challenge led her to explore the borders 


between abstract and figurative painting. Mastering an excellent technique 


and taking on an inner journey she introduced 


characters into her work and decided to take off in an imaginary word. 


Discarding conventionalism, in a world of dreams where rules and disorder 


combine she gives way to freedom of expression, creation and invention 


enhanced by her artistic maturity. With the full sketch in mind, Dyani 


works her canvas, composes it, assembles and equilibrates forms and 


colors. Working with either abundant or almost transparent matter and 


texture, she always remains faithful to her emotions. In a world of color and 


substance, the light seems to vibrate from behind the canvas. Some will 


retain the festive atmosphere, others will be carried into a deep to follow her dreams.


Free to choose her medium, (oil or 


watercolors), she selects her brushes or palette knife, which she 


manipulates with ease. The diversity of gestures and implements allows 


her a certain invention. More figurative and impressionist than anything 


else, she at times flirts with abstraction, influenced solely by the flow of 


her passion. From a precise line to a rapid stroke of the palette knife; from 


transparency to thick opacity; from detail to suggestion, she is guided by 


her intuition only. A universe offered, in apparent simplicity, awakens joy 


of life in those who would but grasp it.


DYANI an artist painter finds painting to be a source of inexhaustible inspiration.


Her paintings have an emotional quality that can be felt as well as seen.





2002-2003: Jerusalem Pearl Dan Hotel solo exhibition


2003: PARIS Art Club Gallery, group exhibition.


2003: Graal gallery, (Mosaic), FRANCE  solo exhibition.


2003: LONDON group exhibition "ISRAEL expo 2003"


2003 Merkaz Hatarbout Hasepharadit , Jerusalem


2004 gallery ‘’George 5 Gallery’’, Jerusalem ''FLY AWAY''


2004-2005 Gallery ‘’George 5 Gallery’’ presents DYANI in LOS ANGELES , 


2005 Single exhibition , Migdale Azrieli ,TEL-AVIV


2005-2007 Solo exhibitions, New York, Los Angeles by ‘’George 5 Gallery’’


2007: exhibition at the Knesset Israel, Jerusalem


2007: exhibition at the cultural civilizations center , Hillel street, 27 Jerusalem


2008 : group exhibition at new York ARTEXPO


2009 : group exhibition at Binianei Ha’ouma for the French community in Israel 


2010 : private exhibition, LOS ANGELES


2012: JERUSALEM THEATRE: solo exhibition




in Aiguillon ( FRANCE) november 2012


2013: ART&MUSIC GALLERY rehov salmon Jerusalem


2014-2015 :


SAFRAI GALLERY rehov king david Jerusalem


SOUSSANA GALLERY ,rehov king david Jerusalem

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