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Isaac Besancon


Born in 1944 in Nice, France, Isaac comes from assimilated family. He grew up going to French public schools and visiting with passionmuseums. Very young he becomes attracted to art. In his adolescence he starts a mystical journey, searching for his spirituals roots which will lead him several years after in an Aix les Bains (France) yeshiva. From the very beginning fit spiritual quest, Isaac unifies pictural art with spirit: his work is first expression of his desire to give a Jewish interpretation of the biblical message. At 20 years old he discovers the hassidic world and literally expulses into the description of this enchanted universe. At that time he often exposes his work in the "Denise" gallery in Antwerp and sales his art for a leaving. He will then move to Paris for 7 years. This parisienne period will give his art a cultural level and an artistic experiment. He illustrates and publishes "the Book of Ruth". He opens a studio-gallerie where the exposes his work and paint in a passionate way which affiliates him with the expressionis "Ecole de Paris". Then an event, which will change his life, occurred: The Californian Colletor Jack.E GINDI visits his gallery and orders from him a set of five Megiloth. This event will open his horizon to the Judaica world, giving him a new career. Isaac leaves Paris and comes back more than ever to hassidic environment. He gets married in New York and comes back to France whereas painting Megiloth, Ketoubot and all kinds of Judaicas. He devotes his life delivering Rabbi Nah'man's message who remains his principal source of inspiration. He writes books on hassidic expression and multiplies conferences and teaching sessions. He begins a twelve years journey illustrating an Hagadah, which will be published in 1998 in Jerusalem by PM JUDAICA. At the end of 1995 Isaac and his family immigrate to Israel and settle. This decision will have a tremendous effect on his inspiration. The exiting atmosphere of Jerusalem and the Tora classes he gives in the old Tel Aviv will give Isaac new resources to do a series of work for Nissim COHEN from the ART JUNCTION on a deliberately expressive and vigorous style with a multitude or symbols and allusions proper to his art.

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