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Tehila was born into a family of ten in the Geula neighborhood of Jerusalem. Her grandparents, initially in Iran, were once wealthy people but they left all their wealthy possessions behind and immigrated to Israel to reach the long-desired Land.


Tehila would love to roam the streets Meah Shearim especially on Friday nights where the alleys were dimly lit in yellow hues. There she experienced the cheerful sounds of the songs and melodies of Shabbat flowing from each home and balcony, the aroma of cholent and the crowds of Hasidim coming and going.

Traditional attire, curly sidelocks, and the unique and delightful character of her childhood environment have been a fascinating and intriguing inspiration for her.

From an early age Tehila loved to paint. Her parents saw this passion and enrolled her in various art classes. She loved to experiment with different materials and styles, but the subjects of her paintings were and still are most often Jerusalem and Hasidic life.

Having been cultivated at the midst of religious communities from varied countries and traditions allows her to create the new human mosaic of the Jewish people in Jerusalem. Jerusalem of the olden days, Jerusalem of now, Jerusalem of eternity.

She mostly connects to a contemporary and semi-abstract style, a genre that leaves more room for feelings and emotions and gives life and soul to something inanimate.

She aspires to go far with her art, enabling it to touch hearts, to connect people to their origins, wherever they may be; and to fill them from the pool of emotions that flow from her paintings.

Painting for Tehila is far beyond something inanimate. Color is the language with which she is able to speak to the distant Jew. In every painting she creates she prays that the person contemplating it would catch a glimpse of awe and feel the desire to search deeper resulting in a single moment of inner truth.

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