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Tamar Finkelstein

Born in Jerusalem into an orthodox family of English origin, Tamar Finkelstein showed at an early age a strong inclination For painting and design. Young Tamar’s motivation convinced her parents, to look for guidance and instruction outside of the regular school framework. To this end, she enrolled in the courses of Yossi Rosenstein, a well-known academic painter of traditional Jewish scenes. In his classes, she acquired basic knowledge and techniques essential to an aspiring professional artist. After marriage, and in spite of the demands of mothering a family blessed with many children, Tamar pursued her self-directed artistic education. The encounter with respected painter and teacher Shaul Shatz was instrumental for her technical and psychological development. As a result of this association, Tamar expanded her inspired interpretations of Jewish traditional imagery into the more challenging field of contemporary Jewish art. Her work became denser in psychological content, and her style grew in power and individuality.


Simultaneously elegant and animated, culturally integrated, and thoroughly sincere, Finkelstein’s art world records personal references and raises general echoes.



"I accept responsibility for convincing her to take on new themes and new media. The results, however, have exceeded my best expectations. The works of this artist, undoubtedly on her way up, have been acquired by many of the finest collectors of Jewish Art. My only complaint is that I am forced to sell all her work to an enthusiastic public, and am unable to keep anything for myself. "




-Nissim Cohen, Artist's Representative

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Modern Impressionism

Classic Impressionism

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